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Discovery Mistakes – Communication Failures

Discovery Mistakes – Communication Failures

…the probability of mistakes can be vastly reduced with better communications during the discovery process. It is inevitable.  There is nothing you can do to prevent it.  Or is there? Discovery mistakes are all too common.  Some blame it on the fast pace of...

CertaTech Solutions, a Provider of IT Consulting and Litigation/M&A Support, Appoints John Tober as Chairman/CEO and Rick Avers as President to Lead its Management Team

CertaTech Solutions today announced the appointment of two industry leaders, John Tober, Chairman and CEO, and Rick Avers, President. Mr. Tober and Mr. Avers create an extremely potent combination of high performance management with legal accounting, IT consulting, M&A support and litigation support skill sets. They will be the key contributors to CertaTech Solution’s expansion and development…

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