IT Consulting

Infrastructure Review and Analysis

CertaTech system engineers and technical staff can review and analyze your entire IT infrastructure. Resilient and scalable IT infrastructure that is designed for operational excellence and flexibility is critically important for business success. The right infrastructure can reduce IT costs; maximize the return on your IT investment; improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction; and ensure fast recovery in the event of a disaster. Old or misconfigured IT infrastructure can cause slow network connections and backups, along with low availability. Additionally, older hardware and software can be difficult to maintain and costly to support. It can be challenging for IT departments to find the time, resources and expertise to design the optimal IT infrastructure. CertaTech specializes in providing IT infrastructure services. All of our system engineers and technical staff have strong infrastructure backgrounds and hold advanced certifications across multiple disciplines. Our system engineers and technical staff has provided IT infrastructure management to a range of entities from single- and multi-site professional service organizations to manufacturing conglomerates with more than 300 sites.

Hosting, Virtualization & the Cloud

As your business grows you will eventually need more computing power and data storage. This means capital expenditures for software and hardware and the addition of expensive qualified human capital to maintain your growing IT environment. This can offer many challenges including the ever growing need to maintain the latest technologies for data security. Securing your environment from ever changing cyber-attacks requires expensive real time resources to stay up to date. CertaTech can help you control and better budget for capital expenditures by optimizing and rightsizing your technological resources. Also, through hosting, virtualization and utilizing cloud based storage and applications, you can replace obsolete hardware, adopt new technologies, and quickly scale capacity up or down for maximum flexibility while taking advantage of state of the art cyber security implemented on a large scale.

CertaTech’s innovative, customizable and holistic solutions allow you to take control of your cloud. We can host data on your premises, in our data center, and in the cloud. We have the flexibility to integrate any combination of these hosting environments creating an easy-to-manage, private and easily scalable cost effective environment. Our expert technical team provides hands-on engineering to ensure that your hosting environment meets your needs and that every migration is successfully implemented. CertaTech offers a full suite of hosting, virtualization and cloud services.

Hosting, Virtualization And Cloud Services

  • Servers That Use The Latest Technologies
  • High Storage Transactions
  • Applications Run Three Times Faster, On Average
  • Quick And Seamless Migrations
  • Migration Planning Guides, Migration Process, Risk Assessment, And Validation
  • 24/7 Monitoring And Analytics
  • 24/7 Knowledgeable Support Staff
  • Private Cloud With Secure Access To Your Network
  • Execution of Applications From Any Workstation Or Mobile Device
  • Managed Services Plans Partial Or Full Management Of Your Applications
  • Subscription Model For Hardware And Software
  • Multi-Year, Annual  And Monthly Contracts
  • Reliable Network Firewall To Protect Your Business From Unauthorized Access
  • Protection From Multi-Vector Threats Across The Entire Attack Continuum

Backup & Disaster Recovery

You have custodial responsibilities for your data and the data of your customers and business partners. The consequences of losing data or access to data are, at best, aggravating and, at worst, devastating. You can mitigate the risk of costly and disruptive data losses through effective backup and disaster recovery plans. Backup protects businesses from accidental deletions, hardware failures, and virus/malware attacks; disaster recovery plans protect businesses against fire, power outage, and other site failures. Backup and disaster recovery go hand-in-hand and involve more than just installing backup software. You need to assemble an integrated backup and recovery environment that includes a business continuity plan. CertaTech can assist you in the design, implementation and maintenance of your backup and disaster recovery plan.

CertaTech provides multiple options for backup and disaster recovery, from a simple file and block-level backup to an entire replica of your networks, servers, applications, and desktops. CertaTech can back up your data and verify the integrity of your files for a guaranteed restore. With real-time tracking, changed information is backed up as often as every minute, allowing data sets to be restored to any moment in time.

Our extremely fast recovery-time objectives provide clients with immediate access and continuity in the event of disaster. With active-sync and de-duplication, we will fully restore your local environment. CertaTech offers a complete suite of backup and disaster recovery solutions for hosting, virtualization and cloud services.

Backup And Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Seamless Integration
  • Monitored Data Replication
  • Comprehensive Custom Backup Procedures and Plans
  • Full Hosting Capabilities
  • Guaranteed Recovery Time And Recovery Point Objectives
  • Solutions That Exceed Current Industry Standards
  • Recovery Point And Recovery Time Objectives That Exceed Industry Standards
  • 24/7 Monitoring And Support
  • Expert Technical Staff Who Are Fluent In Your Systems
  • Choice Of Plans Including From 9 To 5 To 24/7

IT Monitoring & Analytics

Failing to properly monitor and analyze IT systems run the risk of putting too much stress on inadequate resources, leading to costly system failures and possibly compromised data. Conversely, deploying more resources than needed or underutilizing or misusing resources can undermine the cost-effectiveness of significant IT capital expenditures. Fortunately, CertaTech can use tools that monitor the peaks and valleys of usage and performance and can help their clients not only right-size their technology but maximize the use of its features. IT system monitoring and analytics improves system availability and uptime while CertaTech implemented analytics helps predict and prevent future failures. CertaTech and its technology partners provide comprehensive solutions that enhance the health and performance of your IT infrastructure. Our IT monitoring and analytics services cover routers, switches, firewalls, servers, virtual machines, load balancers, and server farms at single and multiple sites. By collecting and correlating data logged by infrastructure components, we are able to predict and prevent failure, shorten response time, and increase up-time availability with a full suite of hosting, virtualization and cloud services.

IT Monitoring & Analytics

  • 24/7 Support from Certified Engineers
  • Centralized Data Logging
  • Advanced Correlation and Analytics Engine
  • Customized Alerting and Response Services
  • Complete Visibility to All Infrastructure Components
  • Multi-Year, Annual and Monthly Contracts