Case Studies

IT Services

Managed Services Is Robust Solution. Implemented Managed Services at Feldco, a leading window siding and door manufacturer. Provides infrastructure back up to in-house IT department resulting in more reliable system performance that lead to improved operations.

IT Consulting Creates a More Secure and Available IT Environment. Midwest Heart Specialists is a rapidly expanding medical group with growing patient data and the need for 24/7 access on the road and in the hospital.  Their current systems were unable to meet their needs. Working with in-house support staff IT Consulting Services were provided which created a more secure environment and a more reliable and responsive Citrix environment with real 24/7 access to data and 24/7 support.

Global Legal Provider Improves Mobile Access And Infrastructure Performance.  Dykema Gossett is a 400 lawyer, 800 person full service law firm.  Working with in-house IT support staff Consulting Services were provided which began with an IT audit and diagnosis resulting in the installation of a new Citrix platform and SQL environment resulting in improved remote access, and lower IT cost structure and software licenses costs.

CertaTech Solutions

GigeNET Internet Services.  IT managed a data center that was originally designed to suit a telecom center. Since we have taken over we have added over 2000+ high density servers with very little help from mechanical engineers, which resulted in very high temp and hardware failures due to overheating.  I contacted CrossRealms and, with their expertise, we were able to resolve our heating issues with minimal expenses. CrossRealms contained all of the cold aisle airflow, improved the performance of our HVAC units, and created a balanced environment throughout the facility. CrossRealms thermal image scanned the entire center before and after, and the outcome was superb. We did not have to purchase another HVAC unit and re-do all of our ducting like other vendors were stating we had to.

Congress for the New Urbanism. CrossRealms has been an instrumental partner for CNU, not only as a tech-support provider, but in giving our organization a better understanding of how to utilize our tech systems to new ends. With CrossRealms’ guidance, we successfully implemented a new VoIP system that has allowed us to develop new outreach tools to our membership. And as our membership grows, the additional tech logistics CrossRealms provides have proven invaluable.

Managed IT Services For Paws of Chicago Helps Save Pets.  Conducted a complete IT infrastructure audit resulting in replacement of outdated hardware, connectivity and system software products.  A Complete Managed Services program was implemented enabling Paws, one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the U.S., to operate its IT environment at half of their prior cost.

Ravina Outdoor Music Festival Offers Wi-Fi To 15,000 Concert Goers.  Ravinia, North America’s oldest music festival, presents over 140 different events throughout the summer. Presented with a daunting task of creating a Wifi system capable of offering connections to over 15,000 concert goers, IT Consultancy Services were provided which began with a proof of concept to determine feasibility.  Third party vendors were brought and technologies were field tested resulting in a successful management, implementation and launch of the selected technology resolving a unique deliverable – Wifi to 15,000.

M&A Support

Major Oil Company Acquisition HSR Second Request Collection. Created and managed 3 dedicated intake centers to support the review and response deadlines of the HSR productions.

Major Oil Company Acquisition HSR Second Request Collection. Developed and implemented a dedicated 24/7 65 employee Anchorage based document collection and processing center. The project lasted over 8 months resulting in the collection and processing of over 7 terabytes of data.

Food Producer Acquisition HSR Second Request Collection. Coordinated with General Counsel in preparing responses to the HSR requests. Collected data and produced from over 6 locations throughout the U.S.

Fortune 500 Acquisition HSR Second Request Collection. Working with outside counsel, reviewed and produced millions of pages of documents to ensure the government approval of a merger in a compressed six week time frame. The project included 2.7 million documents culled down to 1.03 million documents for review resulting in a 1.3 million page production. Using our experienced U.S. licensed attorneys, a review rate of 104 documents per hour was attained.

Litigation Support

CertaTech Solutions

Global Multi-Case Repository. Developed and implemented an in house staffed solution for a global bank to provide collection and host a multi-case repository for all legal matters worldwide with multi-lingual solutions designed to interact with over 26 outside counsel.

SEC National Backlog Conversion Project. Worked with the SEC and Northrop Grumman to coordinate and capture data respective to 22 cities in North America. Project spanned 2 years, and over 11,000 boxes of documents, requiring 24 hour /365 day chain of custody accounting and quality control supervision. Built out and managed 4 major operation sites to accommodate high document volumes.

U.S. Government – Litigation Platform. Developed and implemented a custom 17 market investigation support platform for United States government. Worked directly with USPIS lead and field investigators to capture data and coordinate processing and review of documents for over 25 major investigations nationally.

In Re Tyco International MDL Class Action Discovery. Coordinated with Boies, Schiller & Flexner as lead discovery Project Manager in the global collection of over 100 million pages of documents from hundreds of custodians residing on 5 continents and 5,000 databases which generated over 25 terabytes of data. Established 4 managed review centers with over 500 U.S. licensed attorneys in 3 major U.S. cities which result in a production within 6 months of engagement inception.

American Express v. Master Card Antitrust Litigation. Coordinated with Boies, Schiller & Flexner as lead discovery Project Manager to develop processing centers in 4 major markets in the U.S. and Europe, collecting and processing over 22 terabytes of highly confidential data from over 100 databases.

Early Case Assessment (ECA) In Re: Complex Intellectual Property Matter. Replaced a prior vendor resulting in a 20% document review efficiency, saving the client significant review costs. Processed 596 gigabytes of raw data which was culled down to 102 gigabytes for an expedited managed review resulting in a 1.3 million page document production utilizing sophisticated issue coding including privilege, and confidentiality analysis.

Response to Government Subpoena In Re: Steel Producers. In response to a government subpoena, sophisticated issue coding was implemented as well as privilege, and confidentiality analysis. Sophisticated key-word searches were developed which eliminated 65% of the data processed for managed review resulting in substantial cost savings.