Consulting Services


The experienced consulting teams at CertaTech specialize in providing innovative solutions designed to help general counsel and law departments make optimal use of their data, ensure compliance, increase productivity, and exercise control over their legal spend. Controlling legal spend allows you to make quicker, more accurate decisions to achieve better results. With the right framework in place, law departments and general counsel can most effectively structure processes that successfully implement legal spend applications and evaluate outside counsel arrangements. The experts at CertaTech coordinate with your team to use new and existing resources to implement these frameworks, so you can generate valuable data analytics and reporting to better understand and streamline your legal spend.

CertaTech Solutions

Lead by our CEO and co-founder Rick Avers and Richard Lucas, Senior Director of Consulting Services, CertaTech’s Consultancy Group has the expertise necessary to provide the tailored advice you need. Drawing on a deep and multi-disciplined background in legal resource management, accounting, management consulting, and IT consulting, CertaTech serves as an invaluable point of contact for all clients who engage with us for their consultancy needs. In an ever-changing legal market, your processes, systems, and frameworks need to grow and adapt along with your business and legal needs. The consulting group at CertaTech is here to make sure that they do.

Law Department General Assessment

Developing and enhancing existing workflows for your legal department begins with identifying key process owners and documenting the current state of your workflows, methods, relevant information systems and vendor/law firm relationships. CertaTech starts by gathering that crucial information and creating a phased roadmap of potential system enhancements and process improvements, to be reviewed in conjunction with the legal department and general counsel. This initial assessment forms the foundation upon which you can develop a realistic estimate of the costs and efforts involved in improving your workflows with a goal of efficient operations with lower costs.

Outside Counsel Evaluations

Nearly all companies use outside counsel for at least some tasks. The key to efficiency in working with outside counsel is ensuring that you have the most streamlined and effective arrangement possible. The consulting team at CertaTech will help you quantify your needs so you’re using only the outside counsel you actually need and help you ensure that they’re adequately performing their work. Establishing set tasks for outside counsel will help you measure performance, control costs, and develop an efficient system for selecting the right outside firm, based on factors like geography and expertise. Baseline evaluation metrics should be created from past firm and attorney performance and outcomes and applied going forward to test the effectiveness of your current representation. Real-time dashboards and reporting of case status will enhance your monitoring of outside counsel and litigation support vendors, while flexible applications can assist with tracking costs and efficiency. Web-based portals allow outside counsel to efficiently access and update cases, so work comes in on time and within budget. CertaTech will give you the tools you need to effectively evaluate your outside counsel arrangements.

Assessment Considerations and Goals
  • Effective enterprise-wide use of data and analytics
  • Enhanced reporting and dashboards to provide more accurate and timely information
  • Shifting manual tasks to system applications to more efficiently and effectively use resources
  • Controlling costs and monitoring to enhance outside counsel performance
  • Creating solutions that generate ROI
  • Meeting forecasted growth and cost goals by implementing scalable, enterprise-wide solutions

Establishment of Legal Spend Programs to Address Law Firm and Attorney Evaluations

Legal spend programs are the best way ensure that you’re getting the most out of your outside law firm relationships. The experts at CertaTech can assist you in evaluating your legal spend platform options and implementing the one that’s right for your organization. Legal spend platforms provide valuable data for evaluating your legal engagements, including:

  • Law firm and attorney evaluations and comparisons
  • Analytics and reporting on senior management legal spend and attorney evaluations

  • Comparisons of law firm billing rates

  • Comparison in billing rates by region

  • Performance evaluations and monitoring by task

  • Review and analysis of inappropriate task assignments that increase costs

Implementing the right legal spend platform with the help of CertaTech will lead to more efficient and cost-effective outside counsel engagements.

Legal Spend Software Implementation

Automating your legal spend monitoring may seem like a daunting task, but with CertaTech, it doesn’t have to be. Our expert consultants are adept at implementing the most cutting-edge legal spend applications, designed to help your business achieve its goals. Implementing legal spend software starts with performing an initial assessment to determine your spend tracking needs across your organization in order to develop a structure that will lead to successful software implementation and rollout. CertaTech will assist with all software implementation, training, and data migration to ensure that your new legal spend automation will be adopted by your staff and effective for your organization. The right legal spend software will include data analytics and reporting that helps your organization’s decision-making, including real-time dashboards and enterprise-wide reporting mechanisms that separately analyze and evaluate spend from legal, compliance, litigation, business, and other perspectives. Automation is an efficient way to both analyze your existing policies and procedures and create new policies and procedures to further increase the effectiveness of your oversight of outside attorneys, law firms, and vendors.

Panel Counsel and Preferred Vendor Programs

Many organizations opt to implement initiatives for panel counsel and preferred vendors. For these initiatives to be successful, you need to have a fully developed, written plan that governs them. CertaTech is experienced in helping businesses develop effective implementation plans that help organizations succeed in their initiatives. The right plan will address the design of the initiatives, projected timetables for success, necessary resources, and costs. On a more granular level, CertaTech will help you tailor your initiative to the needs of your specific organization, addressing specific factors like:

  • Program goals and objectives
  • Geographic and regional management and business structures

  • Law firm and attorney qualifications

  • Application procedures for counsel or vendors

  • Regional manager qualifications

  • Substantive experience requirements

  • Communications and reporting requirements

  • Litigation support qualifications

  • Conflict of interest considerations

  • Ongoing and annual performance metrics, scoring, and evaluation guidelines

  • Compensation and pricing models

  • Malpractice coverage standards

  • Firm economic viability standards

  • Cost containment issues

  • Compliance procedures and guidelines

With the help of CertaTech, you can develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that your panel counsel and preferred vendor programs are effective, efficient, and successful.