CertaTech provides clients with the ability to defensibly prepare ESI for subsequent use in the electronic discovery process. CertaTech uses state-of-the-art equipment proven best practices when processing ESI. CertaTech processes ingest and prepare ESI for managed review and advanced analytics.

The highest demands for corporate data come from corporate management, government regulatory agencies and litigation requests. The coordination of access to data at these three focal points on a cost-efficient basis is the overarching goal of the suite of services offered by CertaTech Solutions.

The key to successfully reaching this goal cannot be found in the tools used to address litigation support needs, but rather, lies in the ability to provide High Performance Management. CertaTech’s High Performance Management Teams prepare concise, robust and scalable Project Plans which utilize litigation support tools and services efficiently to reach a Project Plan’s goals. CertaTech’s High Performance Project Management Teams have decades of experience. They consist of enterprise-wide IT professionals and tech savvy former litigation partners who have pioneered and managed the discovery needs of the largest litigations and government investigations in history.

CertaTech’s commits to its clients is to make available a full suite of best of breed solutions from its Tool Set to help drive Project Plans to successful outcomes.

CertaTech Solutions’ Tool Set

Litigation and Government Requests

  • Litigation Prevention

  • Early Case Assessment

  • Data Mapping
  • Legal Hold
  • Preservation
  • Collection/Forensics

  • Processing, Culling

  • Predictive Coding

  • Data Analytics

  • Managed Review

  • Production

Enterprise Corporate IT

  • Data and System Mapping

  • Enterprise Architecture/Design

  • Information Governance

  • Data Analytics

  • Internal Policy Compliance

  • External Regulatory Compliance

  • Investigations

  • Cyber Security

  • IT Audits

  • Records Retention Policy Audit/Design
  • Managed Services (Corporate and Law Firms)

E-Discovery Support Touchstones

  • Total end-to-end eDiscovery solutions with a single point of contact.
  • Deep experience handling complex discovery in multi-national litigations and investigations.
  • Collections and productions for HSR and government investigations.
  • Equipped with forensics to collect ESI and paper from a variety of sources in any jurisdiction.
  • Availability of multiple managed review platforms.
  • Minimized disruption to client workflows.
  • Mitigation of discovery risks and costs.
  • Readily scalable solutions and technical support.
  • Decades of experience in many industries and broad technical expertise.
  • Best strategic partnerships used to enable clients to reach their goals.
  • Experienced execution by High Performance Project Management.
Key ESI Processing Functions
  • Chain of Custody Tracking

  • Data Conversion

  • Data Filtering

  • Data Stating

  • Deduplication

  • Exception Handling

  • Full Text Extraction

  • Load File Production

  • Metadata Extraction

  • OCR

  • Security