Forensics & Investigation

CertaTech’s technical expertise and computer forensic consulting enables its clients to make informed decisions about the approach to electronically stored information through proven processes.  In cases of data recovery we work closely with our clients utilizing the best practices and industry experts.  Our High Performance Management team of seasoned IT experts collaborates with IT departments to control the cost, quality, recovery, and security of their data.

Our experience with regulatory, legal and records retention policies allows us to help our clients assess the gaps which may exist when dealing with their corporate governance and IT departments internally. Our strength is helping our clients determine where relevant sources of electronic data may exist and developing the most cost efficient approach to protecting, recovering or capturing that data.

CertaTech IT professionals can use active and deleted data to build a history of system use over varied periods of time.   CertaTech uses forensic tools and custom techniques which allow us to track down electronic data that has been moved, copied, deleted or compromised while adhering to the strict rules of evidentiary preservation. We can use a series of forensic techniques to create timelines, find deleted emails, find altered documents, and analyze last access dates for purposes of helping our clients identify inappropriate activity. CertaTech can provide its clients with a suite of forensic and investigative services.

CertaTech Solutions
Forensic And Investigative Services
  • Planning and Implementation

  • Assessment & Consulting

  • Forensically Sound Evidence Acquisition

  • Preserve of Chain of Custody

  • Recovery of Hidden, Altered, Deleted, and Encrypted Data
  • Creation of Chronologies/Timelines
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Providing Testifying Experts