Litigation Support

CertaTech’s Project Managers and Consultants have been recognized as the leading expert in complex discovery matters.  Ranging from the collection of millions of paper documents to terabytes of electronic documents and databases, CertaTech has the hands on experience very few firms can demonstrate.  CertaTech’s discovery teams have designed, implemented and managed some of the largest ESI and paper document collections and productions in U.S. civil litigation history.   Opportunities to handle such large matters do not arise often and this experience gained from such cases is possessed by very few.

Discovery Plans

Creating a Discovery Plan and experienced execution and project management is key to providing successful and defensible Litigation Support services. The touchstones of a CertaTech Discovery Plan often included the following tasks.

Discovery Plan Touchstones

Learn more about each touchstone and the tasks included by clicking the boxes below.

  • Litigation readiness assessment and response planning.
  • Retention policy assessment, design and implementation.
  • Discovery plan consultation, design and management.
  • Early case assessment (ECA).
  • Budget preparation.
  • Data mapping and identification of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) locations and data types.
  • Custodian and paper document assessment.
  • 26 (f) “Meet & Confer” support and assistance.
  • Litigation Hold Design, Support, Maintenance and Enforcement.
  • Data Retention Plan Audit, Analysis, Design and Support.
  • Electronic Data and Database Inventory Audit & Evaluation.
  • Forensic consulting and data recovery.
  • Data base acquisition.
  • Electronic and paper document capture and Processing.
  • On-site and remote collections.
  • Data processing and culling.
  • Data analytics consulting.
  • Database analysis, capture and processing.
  • Predictive coding.
  • Document and data filter design for predictive coding.
  • Key word search design and testing.
  • Document and data review plan design and management.
  • Review platform design using Relativity.
  • Review channel design.
  • Managed review (onsite, domestic and foreign).
  • Review attorney staffing and management.
  • Production designs, controls and management.
  • Native/image production management.
  • Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) production and delivery.
  • Delivery of defensibility documentation.
  • ESI Compliance monitoring.

Legal Hold

The Legal Hold does not end with the distribution of a notification to potential custodians of data and documents responsive to requests. CertaTech’s Legal Hold service provides clients with a combination of best practice expertise and state-of-the-art technology empowering our clients with defensibility and the efficient and cost effective execution, management and monitoring of legal holds.

Forensics and Collections

CertaTech’s Forensics and Collection Services provide clients with the ability to begin investigating, analyzing and collecting ESI and paper documents to immediately begin identifying and limiting legal and business practices risk that may be compromising the client’s ability to meet requests. CertaTech can also provide an analysis of the burdens associated with the collection of certain data and documents in order to enable client’s to exempt productions as burdensome under new federal rules of civil procedure.

With an extensive portfolio of acquisition and analysis technology augmented by teams of certified forensics and collection experts trained in the employment of defensible chain-of-custody practices and processes, CertaTech helps clients identify, acquire and understand structured and unstructured ESI regardless of its state, format or location.


Processing ESI can be complicated, but with CertaTech’s High Performance Management and Discovery Plans, we make it simple and defensible.  ESI comes in all forms, including email, user documents and databases to name a few.  Processing ESI accurately and on a timely basis with consistent results requires years of experience.   The workflow developed by our teams was developed with years of experience and successful achievements.  We are prepared to meet any needs as they arise and provide rapid responses.  We are ready to scale quickly to meet client demands and can travel the globe at any given day and time.

Predictive Coding

Predictive coding is a tool CertaTech uses to increase efficiencies in culling data.  Its use must be carefully planned.  CertaTech partners with leaders in the research, development and deployment of computer-assisted review tools to support audits, investigations and litigation.  Our High Performance Management teams are highly experienced in the use of predictive coding to help reduce the overall cost of ESI and manual reviews.  We find this tool extremely useful for the following tasks among others.

Predictive Coding
  • Early case assessments

  • Early assessment of document responsiveness

  • Second pass review for ESI processing and manual review effectiveness

  • First pass privilege review and second pass manual review effectiveness

  • Court approved or party agreed productions

  • Severe time constraint productions

Review Hosting

Document review services by CertaTech gives you a strategic advantage.  CertaTech High Performance Management teams have managed hundreds of successful document reviews to completion and on a cost effective basis.  We leverage our unique management skills and efficiencies gained through years of experience to deliver the best results.  Retaining CertaTech for document review services offers a number of significant advantages including a heightened sensitivity to the use of technology assisted review and unwavering attention to data security.

Our High Performance Management teams have provided review services to many Fortune 1,000 companies in virtually all major industries.  We take the lead in all sizes of matters from multi-billion dollar bet your company litigation to DOJ and SEC investigations to class action lawsuits to simple contract disputes.

CertaTech uses industry-leading review technology to evaluate ESI and paper documents for responsiveness, relevance and privilege.   With the ability to load data files from any CertaTech location, our responsiveness is unmatched.

CertaTech security is not only a feature at CertaTech, it is a way of life.  We provide layers of security and privacy to protect your data and documents.

Physical Security
  • CertaTech production environments are located in secure data centers with very strict and limited access.

  • Our data centers employ a security policy requiring individual keycards and in some locations biometric scans.

  • The production site is located in a dedicated and segregated portion of the data center with its own physical security measures in place.

  • All equipment is housed in racks with limited access.

Network Security is of utmost importance and CertaTech employs numerous levels of security to ensure all data is protected from unauthorized access.

Network Services
  • Hardware firewalls

  • File system security encoded in applications

  • Secure network links between offices and centers

  • Developed Security Policies

  • Routine security testing for vulnerabilities

  • Comprehensive internal and external privacy policies

Contract Attorney

CertaTech utilizes U.S.-licensed contract attorneys expertly trained to deliver effective, efficient and defensible results for corporate legal departments and their outside law firms.  Our contract attorneys are vetted by our proven and experienced staffing experts who have vetted and trained thousands of contract attorneys. But vetting does not stop when we staff a project with contract attorneys.  CertaTech review managers constantly perform quality control checks of each contract attorney’s performance and cull out low or non-performing attorneys in order to assure accurate, timely and cost effective review results.

CertaTech can also provide contract attorneys with foreign language expertise in many languages including but not limited to: Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

CertaTech review services can be delivered to clients in proximity to project locations either at client selected review facilities or from one of our dedicated and fully equipped national review centers.

National Review Centers
  • Atlanta

  • Boston

  • Chicago

  • Houston

  • Los Angeles

  • New York City

  • Philadelphia

  • San Francisco

  • Washington, D.C.

Litigation Managed Services

CertaTech bundles its Litigation Support Services into a turnkey managed service solutions tailored to meet the ECA, Data Filtering, Processing, Hosting and Production requirements of corporate legal departments and law firms who elect to support their own eDiscovery.  The central focus of our Litigation Managed Services are to equip our clients with a complete, easily scalable and secure environment for conducting consistent, repeatable, secure and efficient eDiscovery initiatives.  CertaTech delivers an end-to-end eDiscovery and hosting solution for clients with a single point of contact, consolidated billing, predictable costs, world class technology and cyber security.

CertaTech enables clients to be in a position to seamlessly drive value for their organization.  Adopting the Litigation Managed Service model directly positions our clients for innovation and immediate value, while streamlining and modeling operational efficiencies internally.  By utilizing matter-by-matter tracking mechanisms and comparative analysis against outsourced industry average rates, our Litigation Managed Services solution can reduce costs significantly.

CertaTech’s Litigation Managed Services teams are experienced and dedicated domain experts.  We utilize tested back-up and disaster recovery processes.  All of our Litigation Managed Services installations utilize standardized processes and procedures and include dedicated 24/7 365 day support.