Strategic Alliances

Only The Best

The use of Strategic Alliances is a key ingredient in our High Performance Management Teams. CertaTech has agreements with other firms and individuals that we have identified as best in industry people, products and practices and have obtained commits to use those resources to complement and expand our own Services Pool. By forming Strategic Alliances, CertaTech has quickly expanded to a global footprint, gained entry to new markets and clients, supplemented critical skills and shared the risk or cost of major development projects.


In forming our Strategic Alliances we have defined our business vision and strategy and then gained an understanding of how alliances would fit both our objectives and those of who we align with. We have carefully evaluated our Strategic Alliances based on the level of synergy and the ability of our combined firms to work together to develop a working relationship and mutual recognition of opportunities.

“CertaTech’s Strategic Alliances makes us a stronger services provider with staying power and longevity giving our clients confidence and peace of mind that they can rely on us for the long haul.”